Accurate CogniQ Reviews: Real And From Diverse Sources

The CogniQ reviews are just below. First though, are you worried about memory degeneration?

I hear you saying a big “yes”. I mean, who doesn’t value their memory.

I visited my grandmother in law recently which brought my concern to a whole new level. Unfortunately she is getting on in years and her mental functioning has started to deteriorate.

She calls me by a different name and repeats herself regularly. It’s painful to see. Almost like she’s becoming a different person.

My grandfather in law is one year older than her. But he’s still very aware and has his full mental capacities.

What’s the difference? I don’t know. But I know mental degeneration isn’t inevitable based on age alone. Many age very well mentally and I really want to be one of those people.

I don’t have the answer to good mental health just yet. But I have started extensive research ranging from different diets, to sleep hygiene, exercise, meditation, and supplementation.

CognIQ Reviews

The Right Nutrition For You Brain

On top of good diet and regular exercise, I’ve been looking for essentially a multi-vitamin for the brain.

CogniQ is currently under my metaphoric microscope for examination. I started research by compiling CogniQ reviews from far and wide.

CogniQ Reviews on Amazon

This memory pill is available from Amazon. The CogniQ review there — well actually there is only one single CogniQ review at the time of writing — is not the most promising.

CogniQ reviews on Amazon

The review is from constance d. and reads:

Why aren’t there any cogniq reviews?
“i did not purchase at Amazon–purchased thru another online ad. Reading about all the scams associated with this and the poor language usage on the website….. I wonder if I fell for the scam as well?!” (1 star)

The person didn’t actually buy through Amazon. So there is no verified purchase mark with this review.

Also, it is questionable that this person mentions scams and poor language BUT purchased the product in spite of that. And uses poor language himself. Lowercase ‘i’ to start a sentence and such.

Also there’s no mention of if CogniQ works or not. So it is not one of the CogniQ reviews I’m basing my opinion on personally. CogniQ Reviews

The site put together their own independent CogniQ review.

They sum up their opinion with this:

The one obvious concern is that not all of the ingredients in CogniQ have clinical data, although some certainly do, which is better than many other nootropic supplements we’ve reviewed. It would be nice if the manufacturer offered more evidence to support their claims, although sometimes you have to take what you can get in the supplement industry.

Also, in the comments on that page a Michael Rogers leaves his own review:

I’ve been taking one cap a day for about a week and despite some “testimonials” of immediate help, don’t notice any effect–yet. I’ll keep dosing for a while to see if anything is apparent.

Maybe all these “wonderful” supplements don’t have much if any effect is that I take about 25 vitamins daily so maybe there’s little to improve CogniQ Review

The last of the CogniQ reviews I’ve gathered is from They put together an in depth analysis and background check on CogniQ. In short the pill looks suspicious. And are one of the only sites that review these types of pills that seem to do so completely honestly.

They have this to say:

As you can see, Cogniq is likely NOT the miracle brain pill they tout it to be. I’ve seen this deceptive marketing time and time again…[…] It’s nothing more then a clever ploy to get you to THINK that everyone’s using it, and you NEED it to perform at a higher level.

If a pill like Cogniq REALLY existed, don’t you think you’d be hearing all about it on the News, social media, and from friends?? Well, that’s exactly what they’re trying to sell you on with this marketing. Save your money and your sanity…take a pass on this one.

Other CogniQ Reviews

As for other CogniQ Reviews, if you search “CogniQ Reviews” on Google or YouTube you’ll find a host of near unreadable nonsense and videos with robot sounding voices that give zero value. At least at the time of writing that’s what I found.

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By Einstein — Updated October 8, 2015